Sample Night at my place tonight 7-10pm

Wow! I have been really busy in the studio making a lot of magic potions and soap for Sample Night tonight at my place from 7-10pm.

I wanted to make a list of almost everything I will have for sale so you can think about what you might want to sample and buy.

Adrenal Gland Tonic 50ml – 25$

Superman Tonic 50ml – 25$

Rose Facial Serum 30ml – 20$

Coffee Bean Face Serum 30ml – 15$

Facial Elixir 30ml – 15$

After Sun Body Lotion 120ml – 15$

Daily Detox Tincture 50ml – 15$

Yellow Dock + Dandelion Bitters 50ml – 15$

Kukui Nut Oil 60ml – 18$

Palo Santo Room Spray 30ml – 15$

Juniper + Sage Room Spray 30ml – 15$

Grief Relief Box this includes a Room Spray, Body Oil and Tincture 50ml bottles of each – 40$

Various Soap Bars 6$ each

Patchouli + Orange


Vanilla + Orange




the basket program launched with a BOOM!

infact 6 people have signed up for the program since i posted my last blog. WOW! i think some people were sitting on the fench and the saw the light.  I do now have only 4 spaces left, so please don’t wait too long.

i am happy to make a short report that i made a BIG batch of tea called Respiratory Tonic Tea to try out for one of my future baskets as we approach fall which is a season to pay attention to our lungs. I learned from a herbal vitalist on Salt Spring Island, that it is important to have experienced every herb you choose before you suggest it to anyone else.  I have taken that little piece of advice to the books and i am working hard at trying out lots of herbs so that i know what they have to offer me, and what they might have to offer others.

so with that all said i have a massive jar of Respiratory Tonic Tea sitting around and a couple people have come over with, this and that and i make them up some tea, and send one lucky one home with some.  Then today, my sweet 6 year old has gotten a little run down and his respiratory system is the first to be affected thus providing my big chance to try some of the new tea blend on him…he told me it was the sweetest tasting tea in the world, just like honey. he said it was making him better as he was drinking it! YEAH! that sounds good.

ingredients for the tea are as follows:

fennel, rose hips, lemongrass, calendula, coltsfoot, mullein and red clover.

lots of herbs that grow around this part of town! get out and hunt them down.