The last basket of the DETOX CSH program…

Community Supported Herbalism

DETOX Spring Basket Program

Prepared by Amber Friedman

DETOX time is a great time to strengthen up your heart and healing from emotional trauma of everyday life.  We spent the past 2 months detoxing our liver, gallbladder, awakening stagnant energy in our bodies. Now the final part of the series is to bring in the love and detox from painful emotions stuck inside of us. This month you will find products that boast roses! Local roses and roses from other countries, alongside local herbs and berries to support our nervous system while detoxing and healing.

Gentle Balancing Heart Cordial.  This is one of the tastiest mixes I’ve ever made!! Yum Yum! Sometimes it helps the medicine go down when you add a spoon full of honey! Peach Leaf Tincture used to be standard gift to someone who lost a loved one, it tastes like almond extract and is really relaxing and supporting. In this combo Peach leaves are mixed with St. John’s Wort flowers, Cherry Blossoms and Hawthorn Berries. Take a dropper everyday or 2 times a day as needed.  Even if you don’t think you are experiencing grief in your current state…I guarantee you that old grief is lingering in you and it’s best to clear it, detox and free yourself.

French Clay Face Mask needs to live in your fridge. It would like you to use it as soon as possible on your face. If it feels like the right consistency slather a layer onto your face, leave it till it is almost dry and then rinse off with a warm face cloth. Once you have detoxed your face with this mask use some of your new Rose Face Cream to moisturize. Roses are an astringent for your skin making your skin very soft and clean.  Green French Clay is a detoxifying clay whose benefits come from it’s unique mineral composition.  It includes dolomite, manganese, silica, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and calcium.  The green comes from the clay’s iron oxide and decomposed plant matter.

Rose Face Cream is luxurious and moisturizing for all skin types. It is made from solar infused rose oil mixed with almond, avocado, argan, jojoba and coconut oils and rose essentials oils.  Heart healing begins with self-love and roses are here on earth to help us love ourselves and others.  Adding roses into your life is a wonderful heart medicine. If you look around you will probably find roses blooming all around you right now.  The herbs that grow in your area are often there for a reason, they are a gift of healing waiting for you to use them.

The Little Smelly Pillow wants to stay with you and bring you comfort. It is filled with lavender, roses and mugwort. Mugwort helps you to have lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are great medicine for healing, a time to ask questions, visit old friends or meet up with current friends.  Herbs are so complex and they can go everywhere, they want to go everywhere, they want to support you in your life at all times. Hold onto this pillow when you’re feeling down and relax into the shifting energies it can provide.

This is the last basket of this series. Thank you for being part of the DETOX program. I will invite you all to sign up for my next CSH basket program which starts in September and runs for 5 months. The cost is 250$ and it covers immunity, nervous system, self-care, digestion and other fun issues we all have.  Registration for the program starts June 7th 2017. Enjoy!


Amber Friedman.

Sleeping Tea…4th Basket is out…

Community Supported Herbalism

Monthly Basket Program. December 2016

Prepared by Amber Friedman


Your fourth basket is out and ready just in time for the New Year, and cold + flu season. Hopefully you are all healthy people, however, even healthy people need to boost their immune systems to fight off viruses.  This month my focus was on herbs to help strengthen your immune system.  The basket might seem a little smaller this month because I wanted to make large sized Elderberry Syrups for you all!! They are so tasty and you’ll really benefit from a large dose, because everyone in your family will want some!

Elderberry Syrup is a sweet and delicious way to get your vitamins and nutrients. Elderberry syrup is great for soothing a cough, fighting a flu, cold or upper respiratory infections.  The syrup also helps to reduce fevers.  Safe for use with kids or adults. I would recommend a tbsp a few times a day for adults and a tsp for kids. Elderberry trees do grow here in British Columbia, although the ones with the medicine grow wild outside of Powell River, you can buy the tree and grow it here! We’re getting one next year, exciting.

Immune Boosting Tincture is a blend of echinacea root, pau d’arco, licorice root, siberian ginseng, astragulus root + bupleurum root. A couple herbs that might be new to you are pau d’arco, which kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. You will often see this herb in Candida formulas or Anti-Fungal treatments. Pau D’arco also has anti-inflammatory properties which is helpful in treating many diseases.  You may be familiar with siberian ginseng, a superior adaptogen herb, this herb is known as one of the best herbs for increasing endurance, stamina and for building + enhancing our resistance to stress factors. I think this blend tastes amazing! It is super powerful as a tonic in tincture form. Tonic is something that helps to tone and strengthen so this blend of immune boosting herbs with adaptogens is bound to give you energy and keep those pesky bugs away.

I believe that a key factor to being healthy is getting enough sleep!  I thought it would be appropriate to serve up a Sleeping Tea Blend as part of the immune basket. The key purpose of this tea is to help make you sleepy and sleep the night away. With that said, please drink this tea at night before bed. I wouldn’t suggest drinking it in the morning on your way to work. It is a super relaxing tea blend that tastes floral and slightly lavendery. You don’t need to steep it very long, but you can…and if you do, you will probably taste some of the bitterness from the HOPS. The tea is a blend of Hops, Lavender, Roses, Chamomile + St. John’s wort flowers.

The soap of the month is a very uplifting blend made with coconut oil, olive oil + shae butter. A great conditioning bar of soap for dry winter skin. I scented it with Tangerine and Bergamot.  It has some beautiful roses and oats sprinkled on top for added beauty.





3rd Baskets’ out tomorrow at Ecossentials…

Community Supported Herbalism

Monthly Basket Program. November 2016

Prepared by Amber Friedman

The third basket is here! We are half way through the basket program. Don’t worry if you’re freaking out that there is only 3 months left, I do a Spring Detox that starts when this program ends and I still have spots available! My focus for this month is on REST + RELAXATION.  It is so easy for us to get stressed out over what we think is normal life. Work, Families, House Chores and Personal Work…”not enough hours in the day” can be heard ringing out through the voices at gatherings.  We have to take care of ourselves, our body, our mind and our souls, needs attention and nurturing. It is important to make this time.  Here are some herbs to help you kick back and relax in the darkness.

This month I made an amazing relaxing and infection fighting soap, from Lavender essential oil and almost all the lavender I wild harvested last summer.  It smells amazing and looks so pretty that I made another batch with roses a few days later just to keep up the herb infused soap theme.

Calcium Rich Tea Blend is beneficial for women and men at all stages of life. Calcium really helps people who have a hard time sleeping, people who have heavy and painful bleeding cycles, and really anyone! Lots of herbs you could probably find in your region, over a few seasons.  Horsetails, Nettles, Raspberry Leaves and Peppermint are all easy to grow or find in the region that I live in.  It’s worth looking around for these herbs, or planting them, where you live so you can always be strong.  Try this tea before bed or in the afternoon.

 Herbed Salt & Pepper is a tasty salt to sprinkle on just about anything. I am sure it would be delicious on roasted potatoes, we ate it with tacos one night and it was amazing!  Roses have strong healing powers they help you relax, fight infection in digestive tracts and intestines, they also help to heal a broken heart.   I think the winter season is the perfect time to get into our hearts and do some work.

St. John’s Wort Tincture is another wonderful herb for this time of year to keep your mood high, to help ease any muscular pain from the weather and it tastes great! This batch of St. John’s Wort is tinctured in Grande Marnier for an extra tasty natural medicine. It is safe for children. I find St. John’s Wort works best when you take it on a regular basis. If you have pain at night, try it before bed for a more restful sleep.

Throat Coat Balls could natural medicine ever taste so flavorful and actually kill strep throat and other evil viruses that you might come in contact with?? YES!! These throat coat balls are a longtime favorite of mine.  I have seen them work miracles, and my kids love them.  I suggest taking a few a day if you have an infection or strep throat, otherwise you can use them as a preventative and eat one a day. Cut them in half for kids. The are made from powdered licorice, slippery elm, marshmallow, goldenseal, peppermint essential oil, carob and honey.  I rolled them in slippery elm for their magic finishing touch. ENJOY!

Amber Friedman.

February baskets are unleashed…

Monthly baskets prepared by Amber Friedman
February 2016

The 6th basket is here!
Welcome to the month that beholds Valentines Day! A day to remember to love, check what shape a heart is and think a little bit.  Winter is almost over and it can be easy to get into the winter funk right now.  Here are some herbs to help get you into a new space.
Lip Gloss This was a requested basket ingredient and I am happy for lip gloss lovers to have some amazing natural lip gloss to use on their lips.  There was a time in my life when I spent all my money on lip gloss! It was fun for me to make some myself.  I picked this ant-viral honey & mint combo to help your lips glisten, perfect for the middle of winter.
Smudge Spray  this is a body spray that I was inspired to make from a product I saw online.  I think the combo smells divine! Who would have thought to put oregon grape root with palo santo + cocoa… it’s a smudge tray in a jar. Once you use up this entire spray fill up the bottle with more water and it will keep smelling for a while thanks to the thick COCOA essential oil.
Turkish ROSE Face Mask mmmm. Time to get out those toxins! A blend of rose essential oil with jojoba oil, french clay + rosewater.  Fully activated mask ready for your face…use this mask up sooner than later. Store it in the fridge between uses. I would suggest using this mask every week or so. To apply mask use your fingers and rub it all over your face, leave it on till it is about all dry 10-15 minutes and then wash off with a warm cloth and use your face oil from last month to finish off your experience.
Damiana Love Liquor  a sweet blend of damiana, rosewater, honey, brandy & vanilla. Sip it and share it with a friend.  This also tastes great if you mix it with chocolate syrup.  Damiana is known as an aphrodisiac because of its relaxing properties. Great for people who are stressed out from too much work. Try it in the evening to help you unwind.
Minty Rose Tea  is the featured tea of the month. I was going for a heart opening and chest healing tea. I blended up some roses with peppermint, dandelion, coltsfoot, cocoa, honeybush. I love all these teas but a special shout out to honeybush for being super high in zinc! I would try this tea a few different methods. If you do the classic pour over infusion that would be delicious. The honeybush and cocoa will really gain strength in this mix if you heat this tea up in the pot and let it simmer for a few minutes.
Soap of the month is a lovely blend of relaxing essential oils, lavender, geranium & tangerine.
Dream Chakra Tea  sample from Urban Earth Teas by Mara Jones.  This is from the set of Chakra Teas that Mara created.  She is a DR. of Natural Medicine, and can be located at 4660 Marine Ave, Powell River BC.