Sample Night at my place tonight 7-10pm

Wow! I have been really busy in the studio making a lot of magic potions and soap for Sample Night tonight at my place from 7-10pm.

I wanted to make a list of almost everything I will have for sale so you can think about what you might want to sample and buy.

Adrenal Gland Tonic 50ml – 25$

Superman Tonic 50ml – 25$

Rose Facial Serum 30ml – 20$

Coffee Bean Face Serum 30ml – 15$

Facial Elixir 30ml – 15$

After Sun Body Lotion 120ml – 15$

Daily Detox Tincture 50ml – 15$

Yellow Dock + Dandelion Bitters 50ml – 15$

Kukui Nut Oil 60ml – 18$

Palo Santo Room Spray 30ml – 15$

Juniper + Sage Room Spray 30ml – 15$

Grief Relief Box this includes a Room Spray, Body Oil and Tincture 50ml bottles of each – 40$

Various Soap Bars 6$ each

Patchouli + Orange


Vanilla + Orange



The last basket of the season is out!

Community Supported Herbalism

Monthly Basket Program June 2016

Prepared by Amber Friedman



The baskets for this month are all focused around a powerful and local herb known as Rose.  You will find many supportive side to roses, they can help balance your hormones, bring heart healing and heart support, nourish your skin and feed your soul. Also Roses can be harvested at this time of year and used fresh to make rosewater, rose tincture and rose infused oils.

The Rose Tincture in this month’s basket is made from dried roses which carries more traditional rose scent and taste into the tincture. I would take this tincture anytime and take it a few times a day if you are working on a specific issue that you know roses are good for.

Rose Face Lotion  is a deep moisturizing blend of oils, aloe vera and rosewater!  Use this cream at night as part of your daily routine. You might find your skin more balances from all the rose vibrations in the cream.

The last Rose inspired product in this month’s basket is the pink bar of soap in the shape of a muffin. Heart healing comes in all shapes and forms and this particular recipe was for healing grief from any situation you might find yourself in.  I used pink Australian clay to sooth upset, inflamed, bug bitten skin. I also thought it would make a nice natural color that is the color of the higher heart in the Kundalini Dance that I practice. Scented with jasmine, rose geranium and Chinese rose essential oils.

Now for the one out of the rose bunch, Anti-Fungal Foot Spray, a creation inspired by listening to lots of my friends complain about their various foot fungus’.  I searched high and low for something that would fit my idea of how I wanted to combat this persistent and irritating thing. I knew I wanted something strong and with lots of local herbs. Rubbing Alcohol infused with Rosemary and Lavender from the garden, was the base for this concoction. I added some witch hazel and essential oils of black spruce, rosemary + geranium. Hopefully this will be able to kick your foot fungus!

Rose + Root Tea is a blend of sassafras, licorice root, hibiscus, spearmint and roses. Delicious infused at night and then put in the fridge and drunk the next day over frozen berries. Sassafras is a spring tonic and a blood purifier, mint is cooling for the hot summer, hibiscus is high in anti-oxidants, and more roses for you! Enjoy!

Thank you so much for being part of this Community Supported Herbalism basket program! This is the last basket in the session!  You can buy a share now for the next program that starts in September. The cost is 250$ for 6 months, and you need to pay in full before August 15th, 2016 in order to register. Please contact me for more details. Have an awesome summer!





Amber Friedman.