The first basket is out at Ecossentials Local Market…

  Community Supported Herbalism  Stress Less, Mellow and Nourish Oneself  Prepared by Amber Friedman  Welcome to the first basket of this season. The focus for this month's basket is Stress Less, Mellow, Nourish, Healing, Relaxing and Rest.  Some of the key herbs for the month are Holy Basil, Peach Leaves, St. John's Wort, Oats and Roses.... Continue Reading →


The last basket of the DETOX CSH program…

Community Supported Herbalism DETOX Spring Basket Program Prepared by Amber Friedman DETOX time is a great time to strengthen up your heart and healing from emotional trauma of everyday life.  We spent the past 2 months detoxing our liver, gallbladder, awakening stagnant energy in our bodies. Now the final part of the series is to bring in... Continue Reading →

Second Basket is ready for pick-up…

For those who live in Powell River, BC your baskets will be ready for pick-up after noon on Saturday, tomorrow...Oct. 29th. Enjoy! All those waiting patiently the mail will get out EXPRESS POST on Monday...   Community Supported Herbalism Monthly Basket Program. October 2016 Prepared by Amber Friedman The second basket is finally here! It... Continue Reading →

The last basket of the season is out!

Community Supported Herbalism Monthly Basket Program June 2016 Prepared by Amber Friedman   The baskets for this month are all focused around a powerful and local herb known as Rose.  You will find many supportive side to roses, they can help balance your hormones, bring heart healing and heart support, nourish your skin and feed... Continue Reading →

The Artistry of Scent with Anita Kalnay

I found a perfume called Hood River at my friends place many years ago.  When I tried that perfume I was instantly transported to a magical forest experience. I wanted to find out what other places might be waiting for me in other scents made by this artist,  that is when I learned about Anita Kalnay... Continue Reading →

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