Last Basket of the Community Supported Herbalism monthly basket program is out…

  Community Supported Herbalism  Moisturize, Tone and Replenish Yourself  Prepared by Amber Friedman    Welcome to the fifth and last basket of this series. This month it's all about your body, what you put on the outside goes to the inside, remember that when choosing products. Some of the herbs we celebrate with this month are Rose, Calendula, Juniper,... Continue Reading →


2nd Basket of the DETOX program is out on May 11th 2017

Community Supported Herbalism DETOX Spring Basket Program Prepared by Amber Friedman   DETOX time. Springtime is known in the herbal kingdom as the time to DETOX, Spring Clean Up.  If you listen to the plants, they are all inviting you in to eat bitter roots and cleanse for the new season. Every item in this month's basket... Continue Reading →

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