2nd Basket of the DETOX program is out on May 11th 2017

Community Supported Herbalism

DETOX Spring Basket Program

Prepared by Amber Friedman


DETOX time. Springtime is known in the herbal kingdom as the time to DETOX, Spring Clean Up.  If you listen to the plants, they are all inviting you in to eat bitter roots and cleanse for the new season. Every item in this month’s basket was created to support you in your clearing process. Detoxing can sometimes make you feel a little off, because the toxins are all pouring out of your body. Take some extra time to give your body special care while you go through this detoxing monthly series.

Mineral Rich Herbal Vinager.  Apple Cider Vinager is a standard at our house.  I like to infuse lots of different herbs in apple cider vinager and use the vinager in my salad dressing recipes so that I am getting a daily dose of vitamins and minerals each day.  This combination of Nettles, Burdock, Calendula and Dandelion will work on your liver while also purifying your blood.  The herbs in this recipe also promote healthy kidney functions, and has a positive affect on your skin. Liver is connected to skin.

Daily Detox Tincture is a lymphatic based recipe designed to help move things through your lymphatic system to keep you healthy and strong. Cleavers, Dandelion and Oregon Grape are all wildcrafted here in Powell River, BC. This tincture will be most effective if you take it everyday 3x a day, until it is gone. You can read more about the benefits of lymphatic moving herbs here.

Juniper + Sage Room Spray was designed to clear out different energies that can linger in your space.  Sage is a very powerful cleansing plant, many people use this plant as a smudge to clear the energy of themselves and their surroundings.  Juniper is a new plant to me, it’s growing at the end of the block so I figured I should get to know what it has to offer. I infused some of it in gin for this room spray.  Juniper is also for cleansing and it also brings along uplifting and stimulating properties.

Nourishing Lip Balm is extremely nourishing for you lips because it is full of exotic moisturizing butters like Shae and Mango Butter, there is also joboba and avocado and a soft vanilla scent.  When you are doing lots of personal work and detoxing your body it is good to also bring in the self-care.  Take some extra time to give your body special care while you go through this detoxing monthly series.

5th Baskets are out tomorrow… Theme* ////Self-Care////

Community Supported Herbalism

Monthly Basket Program. January 2017

Prepared by Amber Friedman


The fifth basket has arrived. It’s full of self-care products because well it’s the middle of winter and a new year…what better time to say, “I’m going to take care of myself”? Now is the time. If you don’t have a self-care routine I’m here to challenge you to make one, today. What do you do to take care of yourself? Making art, writing, exercising, and visiting with friends are some of my favorite ways to care for myself. I also take lots of time by myself to think and reflect on my life choices. This basket is a wonderful way to care about your body, mind and soul using minerals, herbs, and oils.

Facial Eixir is a combination of nutrient dense plant and nut oils to help moisturize your skin and tone your nervous system.  Solar infused oils of Calendula, Lavender + Roses lend great support to your nervous system. Use this face oil in the morning or at night, great for all skin types.

Uplifting Citrus Body Lotion is a blend of essential oils to lift your spirits and relieve tight stressed muscles.  Solar infused oils of Rosemary + Douglas Fir get things moving around inside of you, releasing stuck energy therefor providing your body with more energy to work with. This lotion is amazing anyday, also great in the winter to moisturize dryer skin.  Another great for all skin types design.

Chapped lips are a common thing in these winter months. Once you get some chapped lips you’re more likely to have out of control chapped lips that then start cracking and might turn into cold sores or other herpes outbreaks. I designed this Herpes Destroying Balm to combat the herpes virus using solar infused oils of oregon grape root, licorice + lemon balm. I also added in some honey, anti-viral, mint and poplar essential oils.  I recommend drinking lots of water if you suffer from chapped lips, and using this lip balm as a preventive and healing remedy.

A little support for the Liver please.  Liver Tonic Tea Blend is made from local herbs available to harvest at various times during the year.  It is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, folate, potassium, phosphorous, and vitamins A, B + C.  It tastes great too!

The soap of the month is full of moisturizing butters, mango, macadamia and shae.  If you’re into wet felting I think it would be cool to felt the balls of soap, otherwise enjoy some luxurious soap in a new shape.  This is an unscented bar of soap, for a change.



Amber Friedman. http://www.solarinfusedbeauty.wordpress.com

Second Basket is ready for pick-up…

For those who live in Powell River, BC your baskets will be ready for pick-up after noon on Saturday, tomorrow…Oct. 29th. Enjoy!

All those waiting patiently the mail will get out EXPRESS POST on Monday…


Community Supported Herbalism

Monthly Basket Program. October 2016

Prepared by Amber Friedman

The second basket is finally here! It is full of supportive herbal products to help you relax, get your circulation working, help you to fall asleep, soothe a sore throat and support your adrenal glands.

Throat Soothing Tea Blend a tasty blend of licorice root, cinnamon, echinacea root, slippery elm bark + ginger root.  Slippery Elm comes from the inner bark of a tree that grows here in Canada, it is a soothing herb that can be used for healing inflammations, burns, sore throats and digestive issues.  I would use the decoction method to make this tea. Place a 2tsps of the tea in a pot with 2 cups of water and bring to a boil then let simmer, covered, for about 10-20 minutes. Strain out the herbs and drink. If you find the licorice is too strong, steep it a bit less.

Sleepy Oil is a really fun combination that I designed to help people to fall asleep when they are restless.  It has some sedative herbs in it like Chamomile and Tonka Bean. I harvest Cottonwood Buds in the spring and made them into an infused oil that I use for treating people who are experiencing a lot of pain from arthritis to various injuries.  It is very relaxing!  Try it behind your ears, on your wrists, or anywhere, before you go to bed.

The Douglas Fir Bath Salts are another super relaxing and decongesting mix to help you take a rest and clear your mind and body from things that may be bothering you.  Dead Sea Salt is very purifying and clears toxins from your body. If you’re not big on baths, I suggest you make some time to relax in the tub and invite some healing into your life.

Adrenal Gland Tonic  is one of my most popular products, it has been selling off the shelves since it was created.  It strengthens your adrenals by balancing your hormones and stimulating liver function.  Dong Quai is known as one of the most useful female tonics, it is nourishing to the blood, strengthens the uterus and it has a regulating and normalizing influence on hormone production. I think I’ll do a post in the next two weeks going over the health benefits of all the ingredients in this formula. It is best taken daily until it is gone.  If you have high blood pressure or are on heart medication please check with your doctor  before you take this.

Shae + Clay Soap Bar is a very moisturizing soap made with Shae butter and Australian Pink Clay. It is scented with essential oils of peppermint + rosemary. It’s a great wake up soap!  ENJOY!

Amber Friedman. http://www.solarinfusedbeauty.wordpress.com

Biggest batch of IRON SYRUP!!

Alright super exciting! BIGGEST batch of iron syrup that I have ever EVER made in my whole life! It was really fun to make and I pulled a classic Amber with not having enough of two ingredients and phoning up a friend at 9pm asking for Blackstrap Molasses and then bombing to town to buy 50$ jug of Brandy. Not that 50$ worth of brandy went into this batch, about 1 1/4 cup brandy went into this batch.  The total size of the batch was 3250ml!

I decided to exercise my photography skills while I made this massive batch of Iron Syrup and here it is.

You can find the recipe on my blog in a different post, send a message if you can’t.

Prepare for your monthly herbs…


Monthly baskets prepared by Amber Friedman

May 2016


Basket time is here again!

Welcome to the middle of spring basket.

Here you will find some products I made with local herbs I wild crafted.

Nettle Leaf Hair Rinse is a mixture of Apple Cider Vinager infused with Stinging Nettles from this year on Texada, BC. Use it in the shower to bring more life to your hair. Do not use it on children and when you pour it on your hair, try to keep it out of your eyes. Notice your hair jump back to life.

Spring is about Life Force and this month we also have a Bitters that I made with dandelion leaves, cacao beans + yellow dock. Enjoy this by itself before or after meals to aid with digestion, or try some in a with fizzy liquids. I would store this in the fridge and use within 6 months.

Thyme + Ginger is a warming pain reliever that I made with solar infused olive oil and fresh thyme + ginger root.  Ginger is an anti-inflammatory herb and thyme can help things move by warming them up. Try this salve on your over worked muscles or before you take a bath.

Energizing Spring Tonic Tea is a blend of herbs that grow in our region and have lots of benefits to our system. It is cleansing while restoring those burned out parts of your body.

Last but not least one of my favorite soaps! This Anti-Fungal Tree Soap is a combination of Canadian extracted essential oils from black spruce + balsam fir.  It is toped with douglas fir needles. This would be a great soap to use on your feet to help your feet prepare for the summer season.

Hope you enjoy! Next month will be the last basket of the season.  Featuring ROSES! Wonderful local medicine. IF you are interested in registering for the Fall Community supported Herbalism Basket Program please get in touch with me to hold your spot!






Amber Friedman


Herbal iRon Syrup recipe…

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I went over to Texada Island to pick some nettles last week with my kids and some friends.  we found lots of new nettles and some tall nettle regrown from last year.

I love nettles and i love going to pick nettles. i always get a stung a bit somewhere on my hand or arm, and i also always get stung some time when i take a squat pee in the bush, usually on my leg or butt.

Nettle tea is tasty and full of nutrients, i also love nettles cooked in lasagna or spanikopita.  for years i have made a nettle unfused apple cider vinager that i use in salad dressing or other recipes that call for vinegar.  this is my first year in a while that i have made a bunch of nettle tincture and i decided to do this because nettle keeps coming up in recipes for allergies and hemorrhoids…and i see a lot of pregnant women who need some hemorrhoid help and lots of allergic bee people out there in the summer time.


i wanted to share my recipe for a HERBAL IRON SYRUP!!

i use fresh nettles in this recipe and that is a great flavor compared to when i make it the rest of the year with dried nettles.  when i use fresh nettles i double or triple the amount in this recipe. the amount in this recipe is for dried nettles.

Herbal Iron Syrup adapted from Rosemary Gladstar

15g horsetail

15g danelion leaf

15g dandelion root

15g stinging nettle

10g alfalfa leaf

10g yellow dock

5g hawthorn berry

add 7 cups of water to this amount of herbs and bring to a boil in a pot then let simmer for 45 minutes or so. you know you are ready for the next step when you have about half the amount of liquid left.  when you have about 3.5 cups of strong tea you want to strain out the herbs really well and add at least 3/4cup honey.

then add  the following ingredients to your liquid.

1/2 cup brandy

1/2 cup cherry fruit concentrate

4 tbsp blackstrap molasses

4tsp nutritional yeast

4tsp spirulina powder

store in the fridge for several months. shake well before you take it. take 4-6 tbsp daily.

this is really really yummy. this is a big batch and you might want to try making half a batch your first time to make sure you really like it.