6th and last basket of Winter Series is out…

Community Supported Herbalism Monthly Basket Program. Feb/March 2017 Prepared by Amber Friedman   It's time to enjoy sweet, cleansing, nourishing, detoxing, repairing + restoring herbs. This was a fun basket to make and maybe one of the sweetest ones yet (chai honey).  I want to thank you for being part of this program and I... Continue Reading →


Prepare for your monthly herbs…

COMMUNITY SUPPORTED HERBALISM Monthly baskets prepared by Amber Friedman May 2016   Basket time is here again! Welcome to the middle of spring basket. Here you will find some products I made with local herbs I wild crafted. Nettle Leaf Hair Rinse is a mixture of Apple Cider Vinager infused with Stinging Nettles from this... Continue Reading →

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