Wild Spirit Apothecary is a small-batch apothecary located in Powell River, BC that supports people by offering a variety of botanical beauty care products and plant medicine for physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, products that encourage connection with self and earth.

  It all started from a deep love for plants, natural medicine, alchemy and magic.  I have been using face wash, face toner, face lotion, face oil, body lotion, salt soaks and that kind of thing, all my life. Once I got into my mid 20’s I realized if I started making this stuff myself, I could make it potentially cheaper, cleaner and more energized than what I was buying from the stores.  I was studying natural medicine with a herbalist and she also was making botanical body care products, so I just learned her way, and I was overly impressed. She always had jars of plants and flowers infusing in olive oil and this was the base for her salves and lip balms.  I decided I would follow in her footsteps. All my botanical body care products are made from a base of solar infused plant material. I am wildcrafting a large amount of the herbs I use, and the rest come from Organic farms.  I also do reiki and crystal grids to all the batches of products that I make, once they are bottled.


I have had my etsy site up and running with seasonal products.

Wild Spirit Apothecary products are available at the following locations.

Ecossentials Local Market. 6812 Alberni St. Powell River, BC.

Vivien Hsiung Clinic. 55 Water Street, Vancouver, BC.

If you are interested in Natural Medicine, I offer an amazing program called Community Supported Herbalism which is an awesome way to get a wide variety of herbal products and botanical body care products while learning more about herbs that grow in the Pacific Northwest Region . You can learn more about this on my CSH page.