Interview with Andrea Shanti, perfume designer @Holistic Body Therapy…

  Meet Andrea Shanti a creative soul who lives in Mount Shasta, California and designs gorgeous perfumes, herbal potions and paintings.  I first encountered her Anti-Viral Honey at my friend Skye's house quite a few years ago. Yes about 7 to be exact. It was love at first sight, that honey was where it's at,... Continue Reading →


The fourth basket goes out tomorrow…Happy New Year! 2018!

Community Supported Herbalism  Respiratory, Immunity and Nourishing Herbs  Prepared by Amber Friedman    Welcome to the fourth basket of this season. The focus for this month's basket is Supporting our Respiratory + Immune System. We're into the darkest time of the year now, it is a wonderful time to strengthen your Respiratory system with herbs like Elderberry, Ginger and Cinnamon. Continue to... Continue Reading →

2nd Basket is out… a special Halloween TREAT!

Community Supported Herbalism Nutritious, Detoxifying and Restorative Prepared by Amber Friedman   Welcome to the second basket of this season. The focus for this month's basket is Increasing Nutrients through Mineral, Detoxifying and Supporting our Liver so we can Restore ourselves.  When your liver is stressed and overworked it gets tired and starts wrecking havoc on your body. It is important to take good care of your liver... Continue Reading →

The last basket of the DETOX CSH program…

Community Supported Herbalism DETOX Spring Basket Program Prepared by Amber Friedman DETOX time is a great time to strengthen up your heart and healing from emotional trauma of everyday life.  We spent the past 2 months detoxing our liver, gallbladder, awakening stagnant energy in our bodies. Now the final part of the series is to bring in... Continue Reading →

Biggest batch of IRON SYRUP!!

Alright super exciting! BIGGEST batch of iron syrup that I have ever EVER made in my whole life! It was really fun to make and I pulled a classic Amber with not having enough of two ingredients and phoning up a friend at 9pm asking for Blackstrap Molasses and then bombing to town to buy... Continue Reading →

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