1st Basket of the Community Supported Herbalism monthly basket program comes out today!!!

Community Supported Herbalism 

Herbs for The Changing Season 

Prepared by Amber Friedman 


Welcome to the 1st basket of the 2018/2019 Community Supported Herbalism Basket Program.  You might have noticed that times are changing, the season is shifting from Summer to Fall and with that comes many different emotions and thoughts.  In an attempt to bring some support and peace of mind, I have created this basket for you filled with Adaptogens, Immunity Boosting and Virus Fighting Herbs. In this basket you will also find herbs that are helping to work through your personal blocks in life by providing a heightened awareness in dreamtime.  Enjoy! 


Fall Equinox Tea Blend is a combination of adaptogens, anti-oxidants, dense nutrients and hormone balancing herbs.  I’ve been reading a lot about Tulsi (Holy Basil) and so excited to make a blend to help support you in this time of transition from Summer to Fall, along with any personal transformations you may be going through on your own.  Tulsi helps to relieve anxiety and grief, balance cortisol and blood sugar levels.  Tulsi is an adaptogen with is a category of herbs that helps you to adapt to a change.  Adaptogens are important to have in your life in times of transition and if you are someone with a very busy agenda. This herb is also known as a protective herb which can help you feel more connected to the earth and less hopeless.  Blended with licorice to balance hormones, elderberries to fend off the bugs out there, nettles for their dense nutrients and hibiscus for its beautiful color to touch your heart chakra and give you some anti-oxidants. Drink daily if possible.  



Immunity Oxymel  is a mix of Rosemary, Sage, Garlic, Thyme, Hot Pepper, Horseradish infused in  Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey.  Sage and Rosemary are in the mint family and are shown to improve memory recall and improves moods.  An oxymel is when you add herbs to apple cider vinegar and honey.  You can try it with lots of herbs. Infusing herbs in apple cider vinegar extracts more nutrients and mineral than you would be able to extract with alcohol.  Garlic is boosting the immune system as is thyme, and honey.  Taking Apple Cider vinegar helps people who have issues with depression.  


Cucumber Facial Toner was my genius idea of what to do with all the cucumbers I inherited this summer, along with some suggestions to help with darkness under your eyes and general skin toning issues. Cucumbers contain Vitamin C and caffeic acid.  Use this Facial Toner to sooth irritated skin, reduce swelling and prevent water retention.  

Dreamtime Bath Melts smell good enough to eat. You probably can eat them; however they were designed to be used in a warm bath before bed. You can also rub them onto yourself, which I preferred over the bath.  These bath melts are made with Mugwort and Chamomile infused coconut oil blended with roses and cocoa butter. Mugwort is an herb to help you with dreamtime.  Our dreams offer us great healing, it is the time for our body and mind to work through issues we are unable to work through in our waking lives. I suggest you keep a dream journal while you welcome mugwort into your life as your experience more vivid dreams and have more dream recall. Use these when you can make time to connect with your dreams in the morning.


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