2nd Basket is out… a special Halloween TREAT!

Community Supported Herbalism

Nutritious, Detoxifying and Restorative

Prepared by Amber Friedman


Welcome to the second basket of this season. The focus for this month’s basket is Increasing Nutrients through Mineral, Detoxifying and Supporting our Liver so we can Restore ourselves.  When your liver is stressed and overworked it gets tired and starts wrecking havoc on your body. It is important to take good care of your liver by keeping stress low, eating healthy meals throughout the day, keeping your body free of unneeded toxins and helping it to clear toxins. We can detox and support our liver in many forms using herbs.  Try to incorporate all of these products into your life this month, Fall and Spring are great times to cleanse old toxins and restore balance to the system.


Zesty Everyday Bitters.  This is like a cocktail in a bottle. Try it in sparkling water or in a cocktail, or in hot water to evaporate the booze and leave you with just the herbs.  Bitters are an important part of our diet, that can sometimes be lacking in our culture. If you have any digestion issues try some of these bitters 15 minutes before your meals.  When our liver is supported it can function better and stronger.  Dandelion is a classic bitter herb that is also extremely nutritious and mineral rich. Citrus fruits are also bitters, Artichoke leaves are very bitter and grow well here, along with coriander seeds.




Nutritious + MineraRich Vinegar is apple cider vinegar soaked in burdock, raspberry, rosehips, dandelion, nettle and horsetails then strained out and bottled ready for you to take with some honey, add it into sauces, salads or just by itself.  Apple Cider vinegar is able to pull the majority of minerals and vitamins out of plants and hold it there for you to enjoy.  You will always get more minerals and vitamins from your plants if you infuse them in apple cider vinegar vs. alcohol.  It is a great strengthening tonic full of iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and vitamins. A great way to get more nutrients in yourself and children! Try making some at home.

Balm of Gilead is an old herbal favorite.  This balm is made from harvesting cottonwood buds at the end of Winter and then soaking them in olive oil for a few weeks, then you have the most amazing smelling oil you will ever smell! It is tree perfume! You can then take the oil and mix in some solid oils like coconut, mango and add some beeswax to harden your oils up to be a salve.  Try using this on your lips, your neck, a cut. Cottonwood has tons of miracle properties, it can make pain disappear, take down inflammation, and bring on a great relaxing feeling.


Dead Sea Soak is ground up yarrow, lavender, rose petals and horsetail, all herbs that love the climate here in Powell River.  These herbs mixed with Dead Sea Salts and Diotomatious Earth pull together a powerful detoxing herbal blend to clear toxins, and relax your stiff muscles, or overworked brain. Try ½ cup of these salts in the bath before bed to help you with a peaceful sleep while recharging your batteries.

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