The first basket is out at Ecossentials Local Market…


Community Supported Herbalism 

Stress Less, Mellow and Nourish Oneself 

Prepared by Amber Friedman 

Welcome to the first basket of this season. The focus for this month’s basket is Stress Less, Mellow, Nourish, Healing, Relaxing and Rest.  Some of the key herbs for the month are Holy Basil, Peach Leaves, St. John’s Wort, Oats and Roses. My advice with this program is to take the herbs both when you need them and when you get them. Herbal + Botanical Medicine is best used as preventative medicine. The products in this basket will help you to release any tension, anxiety, grief and/or pain that you are carrying now, before it gets any worse.  The herbs in this basket are designed to help your body adapt to situations and strengthen your nervous system so you can be whole.  


Stress Less Everyday Tincture.  A gorgeous blend of herbs from our backyards. All the herbs in this tincture were wildcrafted here and by me, except milky oats, thanks Courtney! The one ingredient that is in this tincture that missed the label is Aveeno (Milky Oat Tops). Oats are among the best nerve tonic herbs and are high in silica, calcium, chromium and magnesium. They also help with nicotine and chemical withdraws. Holy Basil is soothing, calming, anti-stress and courage-inducing. Peaches and Roses heal and open the heart. 


Stress Less Body Oil similar ingredients as the Tincture but bringing in some chamomile for the relaxing effects it has on your muscles and mind, also provides some pain reliefThis oil was designed to help relieve anxiety, help you to calm your mind while strengthening your nerves from the outside inSt. John’s Wort oil is bright red and is often used for treating depression and anxiety.  It has been used for centuries, it’s valued for the treatment of damaged nerve endings, it lifts the spirits and eases any muscle pain.  

Stress Less Body Spray hydrosols are distilled plant material. It is a fascinating process to do and makes your house smell divine.  I made this lemon balm hydrosol and combined it with a bit of orange blossom hydrosol and a drop of a few essential oils to bring heart healing, balancing and grounding in with the anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory benefits that lemon balm has if you use it topically. Once the body spray was complete I put it in a grid with flourite. Using crystals in combination with herbs is part of my passion. Flourite is an energetic vacuum cleaner that helps to relieve your body, mind and spirit of stress, negativity, anxiety and other negative energies. This product  would make a great face toner. 

A Mellow Tea Blend is helpful when your brain won’t stop thinking, calculating or obsessing over something.  It is also a great everyday tea blend because when you take stress less herbs everyday you are strengthening your nervous system and you will in the long run have more stamina. Passionflower is a calming and relaxing herb, it has antispasmodic actions, making it useful for cramps, spastic or convulsing muscles. It is also a sleep inducing plant. The angelica in this blend is helping to connect to deep rooted spirits and ancestors.  The nettles are super nourishing and help to nourish and build resilience. The strawberry leaves are to help bring happiness and vitamins C and A. Also, a good source of Iron paired well with Nettles here. 

Amber Friedman. 


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