Spring Detox 2017

Happy Holidays

Alright of all things I could have thought I might have been doing on Christmas night, I hadn’t really thought it would be my big opportunity to have time to myself working on my herbal business on the internet.

However, surprise I was graced with a bit of time, extreme brain focus +inspiration to work on business cards and invitations for my upcoming Spring Detox 2017 series for the Community Supported Herbalism Monthly Baskets I put together every month.


Here’s a sneak peak…

and Happy Holidays, whatever they may bring.



Spring 2017 Detox + Restore Health

Spring is the season to detox your liver and replenish your nutrients. Plants that grow in the spring are here to help you be a stronger and healthier person.
Nettle, Yellow Dock and lovely flowers are some of my favorite herbs to wildcraft in the Spring.
Community Supported Herbalism is a program I offer to help educate myself and the community about how to use local natural medicine for health and healing.
Buy a share in this program and you will receive a basket each month filled with 4 different products and a write up on all the herbs included in the basket.
Herbal products range from , natural medicine, bath + beauty, various tea blends and hand made soaps.
3 month subscriptions are 125$.
First basket comes out end of March 2017.
Spots are limited please
contact me to register.

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