Baskets are going out in the morning!!

Community Supported Herbalism

Monthly Basket Program. Sept. 2016

Prepared by Amber Friedman


Alright this is super exciting for me! This is the FIRST basket of my 3rd session of herbal monthly baskets. I fell in love with the idea at a Herbal Gathering last summer and I decided to take off with it. I have learned so much about plants and how to make medicine with them and healing body care products. I am honored to share this experience with you. Thanks for signing up for the first time, or again!!  I made this basket a little extra large thinking that was the way to start off the year, in abundance.

This month I choose the theme of a Herbal First Aid kit, most of the herbs I used grow around my house, I love working with plants that I can harvest myself because I feel that they are here for me to use. LAVENDER! This was a really fun product to make, I went on a local plant walk and picked all the lavender that I used to make this Lavender Hydrosol (distilled lavender). Every lavender plant that wanted to be part of it is in there. Leaves, Dried and fresh lavender flowers all together! I would suggest you use this hydrosol to help calm down, to tone your face, and to use on cuts and scrapes because of it’s antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.

Healing Salve is a group of local plants and honey that is one of my favorite salves to use on basically anything from a cut, to an itch, to eczema and it even works amazing to help clear up hemorrhoids!! Keep this salve around! It is a mix of Chamomile, Plantain, Lavender + Comfrey infused in Olive oil with honey and beeswax.

The Spiced Orange Digestive Bitters is here for two reasons…The first reason is to heal your gut and help your bodies digestive system. If your body is unable to properly digest food than it might not respond as well to Natural Medicine.  Once you strengthen your digestive system you will be healthier and able to hold in more nutrients from the foods you eat, and the herbs you take… ( 2nd reason) I’m thinking of this basket series as  bringing herbs to you that help you  reach a healthier place in your life. It only seems appropriate to start with digestion. I encourage you to start taking the bitters right away, take them after or before meals and finish the bottle!

Immune Boosting Tea is a mix of echinacea root, chamomile flowers, shizandra berries and local peppermint. Shizandra berry is an adaptogenic herb that is helpful when stressed out, it helps physical + emotional depression, increases your stamina, heals the liver and boosts your immune system.  Mixed with powerful virus destroyers chamomile and echinacea this is a powerful blend.

Chamomile is a powerful healing plant for me to work with, and that is why it is in a few of the products this month.  I wanted to send out a few Chamomile Tea Bags that you can use to treat eye infections or any topical infection in a direct application technique.  There are lots of ways to apply herbs directly to your body, like chewing up plantain and putting it on a bee string, or a potato poultice for a migraine. Brew up a cup of tea, drink the tea and use the tea bag on your body.

Last but not least…one of my favorite soaps! An uplifting soap that smells like orange, vanilla + lavender.


Amber Friedman.


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