Life on the Road…family reunions, birthdays and weddings!

alright you might be missing my weekly posts by now, wondering what ever did happen to me.

Well honestly the summer got the best of me! I have been having a blast hanging with family and friends from coast to coast in Canada!

I’m not going to go on about all the herbal lessons I’ve learned on this journey. I’ll just mention there were a few things to deal with…swimmers itch, sun burn, bug bites, bee stings, sleepless children, sore throats and we’ll end it right there. Basically I might have under estimated what herbal remedies I would need to travel with for 1 month on the road…I forgot teething!

I did bring a bottle of lavender essential oil and to tell you the honest truth I have used that for almost every one of those issues I mentioned that found us on vacation. I also have colonial silver and at some point I bought rescue remedy…and for most of the trip I had a tincture of rose, mother wort, skullcap and peace leaves which was fixing a lot of things until I lost it. Oh well, it will find me there is still a week.

So back when I thought I wasn’t going to write much I was planning on just posting links to articles I have read and enjoyed on the road.


My friends free birth and new baby!

what to do with Plantain

Kings Road Apothecary

Vitalist on SaltSpring Island

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