Special Day making soap in the morning

This upcoming Tuesday I will be going to over to Savary Island to sell my hand-made natural bath and beauty products at their local Farmers Market…EXCITING.

I plan to sell my new lotions that have a bit of MICA in them that will make your sparkle and shimmer just a little. After Sun Lotion in a cute travel size!  One is Cocoa scented and the other is Chocolate Orange. I adore them!

I will also have a variety of soaps make from palm free recipes and local herbs.

Other products to watch for are Digestive Bitters, Face Oil, Kukui Nut Body Oil, Healing Salve and just maybe an Anti-Fungal Foot Spray.

In order to prepare for this being my first show in about 6 months…I asked to have kid free time to work in the morning. I usually always work at night 8:30-midnight, so it has been a real treat to have most brain power and do a little multi-tasking (although not recommended) while creating some new items for sale.

My soap making friend, Courtney, and I created a real stunning soap a couple of months back and we have tried to re-create it, but we failed.

Second attempt to re-create the famous soap is happening right now.


There are many reasons for me to make sure that I share this on my blog.

  1. So that I will be able to find it again
  2. This style of soap making, HOT PROCESS, rocks!
  3. The recipe I am using is easy to follow and perfect for soap makers at all levels.

Always remember safety guidelines for making soap. The most important ones I would pass on are:

  • wear gloves all the time
  • have a spray bottle of vinager and water onhand for any lye spills or splashs
  • mix your lye in a well ventilated area, best outside
  • use seperate utensils for making soap. this means, never use your regular utensils that you eat with for soap making.

Canadian Conifer Soap

16 ounces coconut oil

40 ounces olive oil

18.5 ounces water

7.8 ounces lye

at trace I added about one tbsp. castor oil and some Black Spruce and lots of Balsam Fir Essential oils from Canada.  Once I pour my soap into the mold I am going to sprinkle 1/4 cup finely ground Douglas Fir needles and then stir them into the top half of the soap.

I have plans to pour this into a square baking pan that is lined with parchment paper and let it sit overnight or two nights and then cut it and label it.

I will post the link to The Nerdy Farm Wife page that describes how to make it.

This is the easiest soap making method you will ever find and it is very satisfying to use your soap sooner than a month away. If you make soap often you will find the benefits to each method, hot process and cold process.




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