Baskets go out today!!

Community Supported Herbalism

Monthly Basket Program April 2016

Prepared by Amber Friedman



Hello everyone who has been part of this for a few months, and welcome everyone who is new to this program.  I just realized it is officially May today, so looks like this was a bit of a late April Basket.  You can expect your May basket to be ready the third week of May.

Now for all the good news about what your basket contains for you this month!

Douglas Fir is the theme of this month’s basket!  It is the time of year to harvest those delicious fresh tips.  In your basket you will find Douglas Fir Infused Honey made from infused tips and needles.  This is a healing remedy for your chest as well as a great source of vitamin C.  Try this honey by itself, or in some tea or your liquid of choice.

Douglas Fir Hydrosol is one of my new favorite inventions! The process of distilling the needles takes a while and makes the whole kitchen smell amazing and become very steamy. I read that keeping this in the fridge will increase it’s life, however my vote is keep it with you and spray it a lot. The smell of Douglas Fir is uplifting, clarifying and grounding.  It connects us to the earth and the water elements.

Campfire Nights Body oil is a little experiment I made using an infused olive oil of Douglas Fir needles and Smoked Tea leaves! I was really going for the walk in the woods, mixed with campfire.  Use this body oil all over, especially great for chest and neck congestion either in stiff muscles or actual infections.

Stinging Nettles were fresh and out for the past two months. I harvested lots of them to dry for tea.  They are also great to put in the freezer and use in place of spinach.  I packaged some of them for you here to use by themselves or mix them with some of your other favorite herbs for a cup of tea.  Nettles are very high in Iron, they are great for cleansing your body at this time of year.

Soap of the month is a rich in shea butter yummy smelling soap made with my new soap molds!  I know you might think they are too pretty to use, but they want to be used up.  Did you know that homemade soap has a shelf life of about one year at the max, and rats love them!  As much as I wanted to overload you with the uplifting smell of the woods this month, I did decide to try a more fruity uplifting scent for the soap. It is a classic favorite of mine with vanilla, orange and grapefruit.




  Amber Friedman.

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