Douglas Fir medicine day


Douglas Fir smells like christmas time, pure joy and love. this must be a heart healing herb as well because when courtney and i were harvesting this today some heart medicine was running through us pretty strong.

i enjoyed all the harvesting so much i have been scouting out trees for months now and watching them change colours, grow buds, tips and waiting to harvest them at all these stage. so today it happened. i harvested three trees that live in a pack up a hill, to make medicine.

i think the whole process of harvesting is when the medicine starts.

lots of douglas fir needles to take off the branches, i asked my son and the next door neighbour kid who is ‘bored’ cause his parents won’t let him do what he wants, which is to invent a generator that runs of pee…very interesting neighbor is over and him and olo were into taking the needles off with me. we worked on that project for at least an hour and then it was dinner time.

once the kids fell asleep it was into the kitchen for me turning the douglas fir needles into magic potions.

my camera battery was dead for most of the working process in the kitchen.

i used a home made hydrosol operation that courtney taught me how to make a few months ago. basically you take a big pot put a large flat rock in the bottom, add plant material and water, put a bowl on the rock, put the lid on the upside down and place frozen huge chunks of ice on top of the lid. turn on the heat to medium and wait patiently for your liquid to collect in your bowl and then take time to empty it out, if it’s small…mine is.

the kitchen smells amazing, it’s a heavenly steam in there.

on the other burner i was simmering some honey with the douglas fir tips. yum!

these magic potions will be coming out this month in my community supported herbalism monthly basket program. exciting.  this is the first basket in the SPRING series. it is full of Douglas Fir potions.

also included in this months basket

Campfire Nights Body Oil a combination of douglas fir + lapsang souchong that smells amazing! this special scent comes only from these two infused oils!

Nettles! a dried bag to drink in your tea blends. or powder in smoothies.

Soap. something homemade from the past.

Douglas Fir Tip Infused Honey

Douglas Fir Hydrosol Spritzer

Douglas Fir Salts



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  1. yazzy says:

    There isn’t a “love button” big enough to express how much I adore this post/blog/famjam 🙂 ❤


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