I just REIKI the spoons…


So when i first started making potions i learned from my dear friend and next door neighbor Tamara.  we would make potions once the kids went to bed in her kitchen.  she said we always had to sanitize the spoons by heating up water to a boil and then leaving the spoons in there for 20 minutes.  i thought this sounded great and we would always do a bunch of spoons at once so that we could carry on testing in complete happiness.

a while went by and then i met Carrie, Tamara’s friend who lived in her truck.  Carrie showed up on the scene making medicines and potions, we were instant friends, we had late night potion making sessions.  i noticed Carrie did the whole spoon thing a tiny bit different. i asked her about it one night… I said you know Tamara said we have to sanitize the spoons like this, but you do it a little different…do you think you don’t have to boil the spoons to sanitize them?

this is a moment in history for me.

Carrie said,” i just reiki the spoons and that sanitizes them.”

WOW. my life just tripled in coolness in that moment. this was the height of well everything i lived for…

reiki the spoons!

from that day on i reiki the spoons, i often reiki all the bottles on the table that are placed in their little crystal grid.

i found out the local kombucha makes sing their heart tuner to their batches so i bought a heart tuner and i use that on my medicines too!

so many awesome powers that people make medicine with, intention in full force.

well the other night i had to sanitize the spoons my old fashioned way with the boiling water to be sure of cleanliness in the kitchen. it was a fun memory. love to the old days, and the new.


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  1. Carrie says:

    Haha I totally don’t remember saying that! That’s so funny… I suppose making potions for friends and family we don’t have to worry too much about serialization as long as everything is clean… But these days I definitely do serialize my equipment 🙂 my favorite way is using the oven.
    Love, Harmony, Energy and Magic- nice work, Amber, way to make such beautiful creations ❤


    1. that is hilarious! i will never forget that day. and i better start sterilizing my spoons now that you’re into it! i must follow you, my teacher! LOVE xoamber


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