February baskets are unleashed…

Monthly baskets prepared by Amber Friedman
February 2016

The 6th basket is here!
Welcome to the month that beholds Valentines Day! A day to remember to love, check what shape a heart is and think a little bit.  Winter is almost over and it can be easy to get into the winter funk right now.  Here are some herbs to help get you into a new space.
Lip Gloss This was a requested basket ingredient and I am happy for lip gloss lovers to have some amazing natural lip gloss to use on their lips.  There was a time in my life when I spent all my money on lip gloss! It was fun for me to make some myself.  I picked this ant-viral honey & mint combo to help your lips glisten, perfect for the middle of winter.
Smudge Spray  this is a body spray that I was inspired to make from a product I saw online.  I think the combo smells divine! Who would have thought to put oregon grape root with palo santo + cocoa… it’s a smudge tray in a jar. Once you use up this entire spray fill up the bottle with more water and it will keep smelling for a while thanks to the thick COCOA essential oil.
Turkish ROSE Face Mask mmmm. Time to get out those toxins! A blend of rose essential oil with jojoba oil, french clay + rosewater.  Fully activated mask ready for your face…use this mask up sooner than later. Store it in the fridge between uses. I would suggest using this mask every week or so. To apply mask use your fingers and rub it all over your face, leave it on till it is about all dry 10-15 minutes and then wash off with a warm cloth and use your face oil from last month to finish off your experience.
Damiana Love Liquor  a sweet blend of damiana, rosewater, honey, brandy & vanilla. Sip it and share it with a friend.  This also tastes great if you mix it with chocolate syrup.  Damiana is known as an aphrodisiac because of its relaxing properties. Great for people who are stressed out from too much work. Try it in the evening to help you unwind.
Minty Rose Tea  is the featured tea of the month. I was going for a heart opening and chest healing tea. I blended up some roses with peppermint, dandelion, coltsfoot, cocoa, honeybush. I love all these teas but a special shout out to honeybush for being super high in zinc! I would try this tea a few different methods. If you do the classic pour over infusion that would be delicious. The honeybush and cocoa will really gain strength in this mix if you heat this tea up in the pot and let it simmer for a few minutes.
Soap of the month is a lovely blend of relaxing essential oils, lavender, geranium & tangerine.
Dream Chakra Tea  sample from Urban Earth Teas by Mara Jones.  This is from the set of Chakra Teas that Mara created.  She is a DR. of Natural Medicine, and can be located at 4660 Marine Ave, Powell River BC.

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