Herbal iRon Syrup recipe…

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I went over to Texada Island to pick some nettles last week with my kids and some friends.  we found lots of new nettles and some tall nettle regrown from last year.

I love nettles and i love going to pick nettles. i always get a stung a bit somewhere on my hand or arm, and i also always get stung some time when i take a squat pee in the bush, usually on my leg or butt.

Nettle tea is tasty and full of nutrients, i also love nettles cooked in lasagna or spanikopita.  for years i have made a nettle unfused apple cider vinager that i use in salad dressing or other recipes that call for vinegar.  this is my first year in a while that i have made a bunch of nettle tincture and i decided to do this because nettle keeps coming up in recipes for allergies and hemorrhoids…and i see a lot of pregnant women who need some hemorrhoid help and lots of allergic bee people out there in the summer time.


i wanted to share my recipe for a HERBAL IRON SYRUP!!

i use fresh nettles in this recipe and that is a great flavor compared to when i make it the rest of the year with dried nettles.  when i use fresh nettles i double or triple the amount in this recipe. the amount in this recipe is for dried nettles.

Herbal Iron Syrup adapted from Rosemary Gladstar

15g horsetail

15g danelion leaf

15g dandelion root

15g stinging nettle

10g alfalfa leaf

10g yellow dock

5g hawthorn berry

add 7 cups of water to this amount of herbs and bring to a boil in a pot then let simmer for 45 minutes or so. you know you are ready for the next step when you have about half the amount of liquid left.  when you have about 3.5 cups of strong tea you want to strain out the herbs really well and add at least 3/4cup honey.

then add  the following ingredients to your liquid.

1/2 cup brandy

1/2 cup cherry fruit concentrate

4 tbsp blackstrap molasses

4tsp nutritional yeast

4tsp spirulina powder

store in the fridge for several months. shake well before you take it. take 4-6 tbsp daily.

this is really really yummy. this is a big batch and you might want to try making half a batch your first time to make sure you really like it.



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