My favorite body lotion recipe



I must share with you my lotion recipe. The basic recipe is from my favorite herbal recipe book and each time i make the lotion i try new combinations of oils and butters.

If you are someone who receives my monthly herbal baskets you were the lucky person who has one of the most luxurious lotions i have made yet.

I will provide the recipe for that lotion here and feel free to try different oils and alternate the cocoa butter for coconut oil, just keep the measurements the same.

3/4 cup oil.   i used equal parts of plant infused olive oil, macadamian nut oil, avacado oil + almond oil

1/3 cup cocoa butter  (you can use all coconut oil here or any other solid oil)

14g beeswax

melt these things in a double boiler system on low-medium heat.  i measure them in a glass measuring cup and then put that in a pot with water on the stove.

while you are stirring this and it is melting measure your waters.

2/3 cup distilled water, witch hazel or rose water

1/3 cup aloe vera gel

once your oils melt pour them into your blender. leave them to cool until they are a similar temperature to your waters. i use my finger to check and see when they are about the same. i find it takes about 1 hour-2 hours, if you had been storing your aloe vera gel in the fridge.

when the oil mix and the water mix are a similar temperature turn on the blender to somewhat high setting and then pour in slowly your water mixture.  let the two mix until they combine and make a bit of a gloop sound. this can take a few minutes and if you have no patience you could scrape the sides off a bit and it might go faster. if for any reason your lotion does not come together let it sit in the blender and try to blend it again in 30 minutes. i have never had a failed batch using this recipe and i have made this lotion for 8 years.

if you want a thicker lotion you can use up to 28g of beeswax.

i mix my essential oils into the individual  lotion containers with a chopstick or spoon at the end so that i don’t stink up the blender.

note to self. wash blender with hot water and soap sooner than later.

i have had success with making a double batch of this recipe.



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