New Creations…

here we go.

i put in a few hours today in my making studio preparing for the Powell River Wellness Fair that will be happening Saturday Jan. 16th 1-5pm at Nourish Yoga Studio.

i will be selling all new potions that i have been designing over the past month.

there is a couple room spritzers, one is a bit of a smudge spray with myrrh tincture and cocoa + santo palo essential oils.  another room spray is a rescue remedy combo with lavender essential oil and lemon balm tincture.

new body oil to warm you up and keep your skin moisturized and smelling AMAZING. that is the kukui nut oil with macadamia nut oil, apricot kernal oil and cocoa + rose essential oils.

tinctures of the day will be all based on healing the heart and the nervous system.

rose tincture. yum.

st. john’s wort in grande marnier. a daily love.

lemon balm, chamomile + st. john’s wort. robust.

then a new creation for healing. topic. healing. topical healing.

delete fears. conquor fears. body oil. almond oil, avacado oil and essential oils of rose, chamomile + pettigraine.

there is another one.

yes. boost immunity for those who get a little stressed out.

avacado, almond oil blended with vetiver, lavender + geranium.

i will also have soaps of different varieties. i think i’ll just having healing soaps since that is the theme of the event.

healing grief soap. geranium with the spirit of my dead friend Anne Cressy.

healing the heart soap. plantain oil. macadamia nut butter. poppy seeds + roses. no scent.

more magic soap to be determined when i go back to work for the after kid bedtime shift.

until then come to the event or send me a personal message to buy any of these products.




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