Warming Up Winter




Monthly baskets prepared by Amber Friedman
December 2015

The fourth basket is here! Amazing!!
The treasures inside your basket this month are all based on WINTER. That’s right. Today is the first day of winter and I thought I could bring out a little winter herbal collection for you to keep you healthy, warm and cozy.
Fire Cider this is an infused apple cider vinegar that I made using ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, rosemary, horseradish and thyme.  After steeping the herbs in the vinegar for 2 months I strained out the herbs and mixed equal amount vinegar to honey! YUM!  I have been making this recipe for about 5 years and I had never read the part where you mix it with honey. All these years I have had a very hot vinegar kinda burning me up. Although I did use mine in salad dressing mostly, the kids always loved to take shots of this to warm them up.  In the winter it is important to add warming herbs, spices and cooked food into your diet. Take this anytime to get the blood flowing, raise your inner temperature and get mucous flowing that may be stuck in your head or chest. Shake up before you take a shot. Try and make some of your own too!
The Root Revival Tea is to strengthen your adrenal glands, keeping you balanced in all senses.  Again we see the warming theme coming in with drinking ROOTS and that can help you connect to your roots. Winter is the season to focus on adrenal health, also a good digestive tea in case you eat a little too much this holiday season.  I wrote on the package, do not drink when you are pregnant…this is because of the wonderful powerful herb Dong quai. Dong quai is a tonic herb that regulates and normalises hormonal production; it may stimulate menstruation and is not recommended during menstruation or pregnancy.  This Root Tea needs to be put in a pot with water, brought to a boil and simmered for 20-40 minutes.
Superman Elixir is a blend of various roots; leaves and berries steeped in brandy for a couple months then mixed with black cherry concentrate. YUM! This elixir means business, it is a yang-based formula which is great for the masculine.  If you have a man you love in your life, I would give this to him…and if you don’t have anyone coming to mind, I would drink this up and enjoy the strength you will feel. This elixir is best to sip daily.
Soap of the month is an old combo that my friend taught me when I was first learning about herbs.  She said it would smell like a creamsicle. I always think it does. It is vanilla, orange and lavender. Made with macadamian nut butter, shae butter, olive oil and coconut oil.
LOVE Chakra Tea sample from Urban Earth Teas by Mara Jones.  This is from the set of Chakra Teas that Mara created.  She knows a lot about herbs, and can be located at 4660 Marine Ave, Powell River BC.

Hope you enjoy everything!
Amber Friedman  awarholartist@gmail.com

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