I think Natural Medicine is closest to what is real medicine

I had to go to the hospital today for some blood test and i parked at the wrong entrance and ended up walking by way too many poster for shot to prevent diseases and viruses from affecting you. i was appalled and i did consider fixing a couple words with my permanent marker. however i left that place in peace from my graffiti solution to the problem and decided i would let out a rant on my herbal page.

I do believe that all our health problems can be looked at for deeper solutions than what the free doctors of our canadian country can provide. i am constantly challenging doctors knowledge and research, mainly because i too do my fair amount of knowledge and possible diagnosis.  i cringe when i hear people say that the doctor didn’t know what was the matter with them. i wish we weren’t dependent on this corrupt system that we have fallen into with western medicine.

When health issues arise for me i look for the deeper meaning in everything that i do in my life. i look at the food i eat, the people i am with, the amount of work i do vs. play, i look at my past and i do consider karma from past lives. thanks to the most recent, far out author i found Gabriel Cousens M.D., i have even reconsidered my idea of getting diseases because ‘it’s in the genes’. look deeper and the solutions are all there for you. since you do live in your body, you have some great wisdom to connect with in terms of what is going on in every situation that arises in your body. give yourself the power to know the most about you.

I believe strongly in Alternative Medicine. I believe in looking for food allergies as the backbone to all sorts of health issues, I believe in the power of mother earth and i think Herbalists are AMAZING people full of secure knowledge for sustainable solutions to health issues, solutions that are growing in your yard right now.

The rant is over.

I would like to lay out a profile of  a Natural Medicine Doctor here in Powell River.  She is available to do allergy tests, and lots of other tests to look more in depth with health issues you may be experiencing. Her name is Mara Jones and i am happy to have her on board with my community supported herbalism monthly basket program. Everyone in the program will have a samples from her magical chakra tea line.

Urban Earth Teas is a Powell River based tea company offering organic loose leaf teas.  Each tea is formulated and blended by Doctor of Natural Medicine, Mara Jones.  Mara specializes in Western Herbal Medicine, aromatherapy and nutrition.maraphoto

The Chakra Chai collection is a series of teas formulated to balance the hormones associated with each of the seven chakras.  Each tea contains the “Prana blend” which contains a combination of herbs (Ashwaghanda, Rhodiola, Red Reishi and Siberian Ginseng) which help to support communication between the nervous system and endocrine (hormone) systems and immune system.  Essentially the blend helps communication between the body, mind and emotions.  The remaining ingredients in each tea blend help to support the hormones associated with that chakra (and taste great of course!).

Interested in finding out more?  Book a free 15 minute consultation with Mara at https://calendly.com/urbanearthteas.  or contact Mara at mara@urbanearth.ca or (604) 483-7797

urbanearthteas.  or contact Mara at mara@urbanearth.ca or (604) 483-7797


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