what to do when you’re bored.

if you find yourself in a moment when you are bored? at a loss for something to do. maybe there seems to be way too many things to do and you aren’t sure what  to do…that is the moment to make a cup of tea.

i have been talking to lots of people lately that want to believe in natural medicine, they truely are curious. i want them to invest themselves in herbs. add herbs into your daily life and you will be healthier and all that other stuff! start off with drinking tea and try relaxing. get off the computer or the phone earlier at night and get into bed and read something or write in your journal.  when you feel a little something in your throat make sure to start gargling with some sage tea or salted water, take some strong herbs to knock that virus out of your system, and believe it. believe in natural medicine that it is powerful and strong and will conquer anything. then you are starting off on a positive foot to be open to seeing some benefits.

this is a beautiful red tea recipe !  if you know me you might guess that I love the colour red, and if you are just getting to know me, you might have just learned that I love the colour RED.

Red Rose Hip Powerful Heart Tea

2 tablespoons rose hips

2 tablespoons lemon balm

2 tablespoons fresh plantain

1/4 cup hibiscus

pour 4 cups of boiling water over the herbs and steep for 20-40 minutes. strain out the herbs and add some honey if you wish.  chill for a few hours in the fridge and then drink it on ice, add some sparkling ginger beer or kombucha for a twist.

Today me and my kids went to the beach to enjoy some amazingly warm weather! i did want to jump in the ocean, however i refrained myself so that i could keep the kids on task, picking rose hips.

Somehow i figured out that i can pay the kids to work for me and  they end up spending their money on the things they would otherwise ask me to buy for them. everyone wins.  so i often find lots of jobs for them to do that benefit us all!

Phoenix, the oldest kid, asked me if i thought his wage was  ‘fair trade’

this was in the same conversation that he wanted to know the definition and the difference between organic and local. serious! that was impressive.

In total we spent a couple hours picking rose hips and taking out their guts. during that time there was lots of breaks and moments of hoping the end was in sight. i think i’ll pay them 6$ each.

IMGP9335 IMGP9336


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Caroline Jobe says:

    very informative and love the presentation Amber


    1. thanks caroline! stay tuned for lots of interesting way to use the herbs we have around here and some from away…


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