The Second Basket comes out October 10th, 2015

Monthly baskets prepared by Amber Friedman
October 2015

The second basket is here! Yes.
Full of supportive herbs for a few cases you might be finding yourself in.
First off. Sore throat? Sick kids? Lots of coughing?  It is bound to happen, if it hasn’t happened yet. And here you go with this Respiratory Tea Tonic!  A super yummy blend of herbs to strengthen your respiratory system and bust a cough or sore throat.  If you are super healthy no sore throat in sight, fear not…you can still enjoy this delicious tea. It has lots of other benefits too besides tasting AMAZING.  I’ll throw the ingredient list out there for you all.
Fennel. Rosehips. Lemongrass. Mullein. Coltsfoot. Calendula. Red Clover. Oregano Flowers and Spearmint.  This is a wonderful blend for kids!
To brew up this tea simply bring 1 cup of water to a boil and pour it over 1 tbsp. of tea and let it sit COVERED for anywhere from 10-30 minutes.  If you like strong tea you can use a little less tea and steep it longer. Remember to keep a lid on it so that the healing properties don’t sneak out.
Next up Healing Mouthwash! This is a great mouthwash to keep your mouth healthy! It can prevent cavities and kill viruses.  The other day my sweet son had his first bike crash and skinned his chin.  When we rushed in the house and I wondered what to put on it to clean it, there was the mouthwash and I thought it sounded like a great thing to put on a cut.  It is a mix of distilled water with tinctures of: goldenseal, calendula & myrrh, and a bit of peppermint essential oil.
I thought I was making a really great tincture for everyone to help support your nervous system which will ultimately keep you healthier, calmer and happier in general…HOWEVER…once I mixed these three home-made tinctures up they didn’t taste that great together. The solutions to most things that taste bad…HONEY.  I mixed some local Wildwood honey into the mix and now we have a wonderful little Liqueur.  I like taking tinctures on a daily basis, long term.  I would take this liqueur until it was gone.  However if you prefer to save things for special occasions this would be great in times of great stress, trauma, confusion or sickness.
The Soap this month is a bit ugly compared to the ones to come, but it is a great combo of gentle ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, mango butter and shea butter.  Great for all skin types, safe for babies. It is unscented for all those people who love that kinda thing. Once you use it, it will look prettier.
Adding onto your Chakra Teas from Urban Earth Teas by Mara Jones is the Sacral Chakra tea sample.  Mara knows a lot about herbs, and can be located at 4660 Marine Ave, Powell River BC.
Happy Thanksgiving.  I am thankful to have this project in my life, a chance to provide preventative medicine to people and raise the knowledge of herbs.


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