the first basket


Monthly baskets prepared by Amber Friedman
September 2015

The first basket is here! Yes.
Inside these containers lay the magic that herbs have to offer to you.
Welcome to St. John’s Wort my favourite herb!
This tincture is great for daily use.  St. John’s Wort is valued as a treatment for damage to the nerve endings such as in burns, wounds and trauma to the skin.  It can also bring relief from stress, pain, depression & chronic fatigue.
It grows here in the summer time!
Liver Tonic Tea is intense. I like to put some honey or molasses in with my tea. I also like to make a big batch and keep it in the fridge for 2-3 days.  It is a yummy ice tea!
I wanted to start this program with a strong liver tonic because I believe that our liver needs a lot of support and is the culprit of lots of health issues.
This specific recipe is also helpful for menstruation regularity.  If the liver is not functioning well, hormones are not processed effectively and disorders may result.
The way to make this tea is using the Decoction Method of tea making. Throw in your herbs to a pot of water and bring that pot with those herbs to a boil.  Turn the heat down and let them simmer in the pot for 10-20 minutes, covered with a lid. Then you have a nice strong cup of tea!  You want to use the decoction method of tea making for your roots and barks. It takes a little more effort to get the medicine out of these parts.
Itch/Sting Clay Relief is powerful clay to put onto a bug bite or bee sting to pull out the poison and cool the burn.  Leave it on till it dries then wash off with a warm cloth. I will provide the recipe here as it is nice to have on hand at all times.
1 cup green clay
2 tablespoons salt
peppermint essential oil (several drops)
lavender essential oil (a few drops)
add enough witch hazel to make creamy paste. Add salt and essential oil.
This recipe is from one of my favourite herb recipe books called Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health, by Rosemary Gladstar.
SOAP  this is a gentle soap made with a few ingredients that are great for your skin. It has calendula and lavender to help you get clean and soft.
Root Chakra tea sample from Urban Earth Teas by Mara Jones.  This is from the set of Chakra Teas that Mara created.  She knows a lot about herbs, and can be located at 4660 Marine Ave, Powell River BC.

Amber Friedman 604 414 0090

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  1. Hurray! Is there still a way to get in the basket party?


  2. yes. mettleinthenettle. it would be a pleasure to have you join!


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